New Hire at Onix

New Hire at Onix!

Onix would like to welcome Justin Bailey to the team.

Justin has worked within the industry for over 11 years. He has a background in Submission Management, working for pharmaceutical companies and a Regulatory Operations software vendor.

Justin provides ONIX clients with consultancy advice and project management on global eCTD regulatory operation requirements. Justin is experienced in all aspects of e-submission publishing and oversees the management of eCTD submissions to health authorities and life-cycle management.

As a returning employee, he possesses a company familiarity not obtainable from any other new starter while also bringing a breadth of new experiences on board.

In between employment at ONIX he has taken on roles in Global Submission Management and Global Sales Consultantin the Pharmaceutical industry.

Justin has given talks at TOPRA, Informa and other Regulatory Operations conferences.