Life Cycle Submission Request

Onix have created a NEW, SIMPLE and EASY ‘Lifecycle Submission Request Form’. Our web-based form, captures all of the information needed to create the submission and is sent directly to all members of the eSubmission team.

Please open the link and bookmark/add it to your favourites so that you can always access it for new submissions.

Submission Request Form:

Please make one request per submission.

Fields marked with an * are required

(e.g. UK/H/0123/001)

(e.g. EMEA/H/C/000123)

(e.g 98765)

(e.g 012345)

(e.g. EMEA/H/C/000123/II/G)

(e.g. 0000, 0001, etc)

(e.g. A Variation to Update the SmPC)


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