Jasbir Chohan (Director)

Jasbir Chohan is the Founder and CEO of ONIX and has over 18 years in the pharmaceutical industry. Jasbir started the company in 2010 and has established a worldwide customer base. In 2013, Jasbir was selected for the Business Management Programme Scholarship by University of College London (UCL) and Goldman Sachs for 10K Small Business.

Jasbir has a vast knowledge of eCTD Global Regulatory Operations Requirements and has worked in Industry until transitioning to Consultancy in 2007. Jasbir is regularly invited as a key speaker at educational training programmes and conferences.

Jasbir specialises in supporting companies looking to develop or transition their regulatory operations to an eCTD compliant infrastructure, alongside this she provides an oversight for PDF publishing, eCTD compilation tasks and quality assurance compliancy for electronic submission procedures and processes.

Navila Rehman (Senior Principal Consultant)

Navila graduated from the University of Bradford with a BSc in Pharmaceutical Management and has worked within the industry for over 18 years. Navila has a background in Quality Management and has worked in pharmaceutical companies and CROs. Navila joined ONIX in 2013 and provides clients with consultancy advice and project management on global eCTD regulatory operations. Navila is experienced in all aspects of e-submission publishing and oversees the management of eCTD submissions to health authorities and life-cycle management.

ONIX has an in-house team of regulatory operations experts who are highly experienced and well trained in global electronic regulatory requirements and publishing.

ONIX has an established network of CROs and Independant Consultants across Regulatory, Clinical and Quality who we work very closely with to support client’s needs. Please contact us for further information.

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